The ninth planet - picture book

This book has three authors: talented writer Monika Milewska and space expert Agnieszka Pollo, who wrote text to the book and me, who did illustrations and design of the book. 

How long do comets live? Do they all have a tail? Is Pluto a planet or not? 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0… We're going into space!

One day, a planet disappears from the solar system. What happened? Celestynka - a small comet with an icy but big heart - tries to solve the case. At the same time, she gets into space trouble. By following the trajectory of her adventures, you will learn not only the gossips about the life of the planets, but also the laws governing the Universe.

Meeting Celestynka and accompanying her on her journey from the comet "kindergarten" to old age is a light, funny and fascinating space adventure, but also an inspiring lesson in astronomy. The starry sky will never be the same for you as before.

Publisher: Widnokrąg, Poland
Authors of text: Monika Milewska and Agnieszka Pollo
Author of illustrations and design: me